OpEds & Blogs

The articles and blogs that follow provide a sample of my passion for issues that I suppose are all informed by one of my two core values–equity. More aptly described as “rants”, they also depict my other core value–authenticity, a nice word for blunt!

Making Minority Government Work                                                                              

Harper Tough on Crime but Soft on Facts

Cito Gaston: A Reluctant but True Leader

Rob Ford’s Surprisely Big Tent                                                                                

Reining in the Unaccountable Chief

The G-20 Fallout

Time to Wave Goodbye to the Monarchy                                                                        

Hot Buttons Scorch Sensible Policy                                                                      

Welcome to Tim Hudak’s Tea Party

Provinces Fill Void on Early Education

The Sweat Lodge of Tears 

Two Pit Bulls and a Statesman

York University Makes an Odd Choice in Rejecting Jim Balsillie’s Gift

Ontario Private Schools Free to Ignore Bullying

Context and Values Shape Quebec’s Political Landscape

Pick up the Phone, Politicians!

Negligent Bystanders to Sexual Abuse

OMA Confuses its Self-Interest with Health Care

Weak Response from Toronto Blue Jays Organization to Yunel Escobar’s Homophobic Slur

Students Lose in Ontario’s Post-Secondary Patchwork

Flawed Negotiating Tactics with Teachers Threaten Ontario’s Education Success  

Dalton McGuinty’s Education Legacy Will Endure

Canadian Politicians Fail to Learn Lessons from Watergate

Bob Rae: The Best Prime Minister Who Never Was

Ontario’s Full-Day Kindergarten a Success Story

Ontario Teachers Shouldn’t Invest in For-Profit Child Care

Tim Hudak’s Education Plan Threatens Ontario’s Economic Future

Ontario’s NDP Needs to Rediscover its Core Values

TDSB in Dire Need of Overhaul

We Ignore School Board Elections at Our Peril

Why Canada needs Quebec to Remain a Progressive Model

I say no to the Olympics

Can Rogers keep the Blue Jays bandwagon going?

Time for single education system

National Aboriginal Day should become statutory holiday

And once and a while, other strange stories arise about my “life and times”     This is a story about baseball and my grandfather….and me.

Time to implement a shelved anti-racism blueprint

National Aboriginal Day 

No place to hide from Trumpism virus

Royal commission on aboriginal peoples 20 years later: So What?

For the Love of Baseball

Facing the Truth for a worthier 150th Celebration

College Strike has Echoes of the Past

Why Ontario Needs Education Game-changers in this Election Season

Need innovation and research to improve autism supports

Observing our Full Day Kindergarten  blueprint come alive

My observations about play based pedagogy

Sex Ed: a case study in the debasing of democracy in Ontario

Tone deaf Trudeau should appoint Ralph Goodale as Principal Secretary

My journey thus far in 45 minutes

Canada’s Progress on the 30th Anniversary of UN Convention on Children’s Rights

On-line learning beyond Covid-19

Interview with Matt Galloway, 2016, re anti-Black racism

Preparing for school openings in the Covid world

Sale of the Star puts its social justice legacy in jeopardy