Early Learning

The following will provide access to the report I provided to Ontario’s Premier as his special advisor on early learning.  While my name is on the cover, the report was informed by over twenty thousand experts, community leaders and parents. As well, I will post other recent and critically important contributions to the field of Early Learning such as the recent.  Early Years Study 3 and the newly mandated Australian National Quality Framework.

As well, you will find a link to our Flex Time PhD. program in Early Learning.

With Our Best Future in Mind

The following two reports are “companions” to With Our Best Future in Mind.  My colleague, Jane Bertand, along with many significant others, took the lead on these.

Every Child, Every Opportunity Curriculum Framework

Summary of Evidence

The following video provides an example of how full day learning for four and five year olds should be implemented based on best evidence and and practice:


And, here is the link for the final and important part of the McCain/Mustard trilogy, the Early Years Study 3.

Australia now has a mandated “quality assurance” process as of January 1, 2012.  Check it out:  http://acecqa.gov.au/

The Fraser Mustard Oration: Adelaide, September 24, 2012

The economic benefits?  See Robert Fairholm’s research.

For a pediatrician’s perspective on the Pascal report:

Pascal’s Wager: From Science to Policy on Early Childhood

For those interested in a PhD. in Early Learning, but need a flexible delivery mode:  http://hdap.oise.utoronto.ca/Degrees/PhD_(Flexible-option).html

For early learning information from Ontario’s Ministry of Education



Preliminary Research Results on Impact of Full-day Kindergarten, September 2013:

News Release 

Toronto Star Feature

Backgrounder on the Research

Graphs Depicting Results

Recent Article

Moving Beyond False Dichotomies of Play-based Learning